The gotcha or paintball in Mexico currently has many forms. The capture of flag, defend the cabin, to defend the prisoner, cops and robbers, aliens against humans and all that imagination and desire to play to unleash the coexistence and strategy that this game can provide.

Paintball is a game in which participants use markers (often avoid the word "gun" to avoid causing any alarms) driven by compressed air, CO2 or other gases, to fire small filled with paint to other players. It is essentially a complex strategy game in which players hit by paintballs during the game are removed from it sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently, depending on the mode. Unlike what we think is one of the outdoor sports safer.

Normally in a paintball game pitting two teams in order to eliminate all opposing players or complete a goal (such as capturing a flag or eliminating a specific player).

The paintball games can be played indoors or outdoors and take various forms, with some of the more popular the tournament and woodsball and speedball. The rules vary widely from one form to another, with most designed for participants to enjoy the game in a safe environment.

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