Ha Haak Paddle Boarding

The SUP (stand up paddle) has finally arrived to Cozumel through Ha'Haak, becoming one of their main attractions in the beautiful "Island of the Swallows"!

The SUP offers a high degree of maneuverability, so it's a great option if you're looking for a way to explore the ocean surface while moving nautically. The island is plenty of interesting and beautiful places all around and Ha'Haak Paddleboarding Cozumel takes you to live this incredible adventure over shallow waters where you will admire tropical sea creatures and marine life.

Our SUP's allow us to float gently on the surface and peer down at them in their natural ecosystem.

"Ha'Haak" means in Maya slip or slide over the water, where ha means water and haak slip.

Reserve now or get more information at: concierge@coralprincess.com

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