Speaking of speed and altitude is an exclusive theme for adventurers at heart to experience the sensation of traveling from tower to tower over and across the treetops at a speed of madness, where the only requirement is to wrap the harness and pulley hook.

The Canopy Adventure is a unique experience you will never forget. This exciting adventure in the heights, it will take from tower to tower by cables through the trees. Our adventure zip line gives you the opportunity to enjoy an incredible world surrounded by lush tropical vegetation of our park.

In this adventure from the heights, the challenge is to complete the challenge of going from tower to tower using pulleys on horizontal guide wires that allow you to "fly" on the heights while you admire the beautiful landscape of tropical vegetation and tall trees.

There is no more exciting way to explore the tropical nature! For lovers of extreme sports and nature!

A zip line, zip line, canopy or canopy (in English known as zip-line flying fox, zip wire, aerial runway, death slide or Tyrolean crossing) consists of a pulley suspended on cables mounted on a slope or incline. They are designed to be driven by gravity and slipping from the top to the bottom with a wire, usually stainless steel cables. It is common practice in military exercises.

The zip lines are in different forms and are often used for entertainment. Those found in children's games are short and small, usually with sand on the floor to cushion in the event of a fall. The longer and larger are often used to access the inaccessible regions (such as tropical forests, eg in Cozumel, and Cancun in Mexico) or in camps for outdoor activities.

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