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We provide you an easier way to make your reservations at Coral Princess Hotel & Dive Resort Cozumel. Here you can enter your information safely and Ángel Dzib will soon send you the requested booking confirmed.

For all of you that have not been to the Coral Princess Hotel & Dive Resort Cozumel, we inform you that we offer Vacation Club Program. This Program provides the opportunity to enjoy more vacation time in Cozumel at our poperty, your home away from home.

Our Vacation Club is above and beyond a typical Time Share Program.. how?

Our Vacation Club is a more flexible system in which you can travel more than once a year, staying in fully furnished apartments. This flexibility provides a floating week to make it easy to travel any time during the year and it does not impose a fixed week every year.

The flexibility of the program also allows you to invite family members to enjoy this wonderful Island or to make a spectacular gift. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to choose among several types of rooms to meet your specific traveling needs.

Our Vacation Club also provides the possibility to travel more than once a year. Furthermore, the Coral Princess Hotel & Dive Resort Cozumel is affiliated to RCI, the world’s largest vacation exchange organization. You can make your reservations two years in advance and up to 15 days prior to your visit, subject to availability.

These are just a few of the special benefits of our Program.

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